Tomáš Sladký är tillbaka med energi!

Senast mot Kalmarsund när Tomas avgjorde i sudden death. Foto: Thorbjörn Grindhage

Vår tjeckiske center, Tomáš Sladký, är äntligen tillbaka efter sin skada han till och från dragits med under hösten och nu är han oerhört motiverad att börja spela igen och bidra med energi till laget. Nu närmast mot Kalmarsund på lördag när laget åker till Öland.

First, welcome back! What have you suffered from those weeks?
Tjena, tack så mycket!
Since middle of September I had some pain in my foot, I could practise and play for 90%, it got much worse at EFT with national team in the beginning of November so I was able to fininsh a year 2015 only at 60-70%. During the Christmasbreak we have found a stressed-fracture and diagnoze was clear – resting for 4 weeks.

Have you been injured before so long?
No, it´s my first long-term injury and my first fracture in my life. So, new experience again:)

”You have no idea, The great feeling it is to run without any pain after more than 4 months.”

How has your feelings been during this time when our play has been on a lower level? Frustrating?
When I got this diagnoze I knew immediatelly, that I will miss maybe the most important 4 games of the season. Unfortunately we took only 2 points even if I was almost sure, that we could bring home at least 6-8 points.
Of course, it´s very hard just to stand on the side and watch my team-mates. On other side, it brought me totally new view on our game-face and I´ve learnt a lot again.

What is important for you to bring into the team?
Calmness, positive spirit and maybe some points:)

Long busdrive again on Saturday. How do you spend the time?
I don’t care now about any long trips. I just wanna enjoy every shift, play nice floorball and have fun by running and winning! You have no idea, how great feeling it is to run without any pain after more than 4 months.

Kalmarsund may feel an even stronger press with 4 points less than you. If you win you will probably get a comfortable distance to them. How do you reason about it?
We have 5 rounds left and I hope  that everybody in the team is fully motivated to win every game! I still believe, that we have some small chance for playoff, so let´s fight until the end. First step: Kalmarsund.

Last time you had 0-3 before third period and turned the game to a victory with you scoring 4-3 in Sudden death. Any memories from that game?
I remember this game. Kalmarsund is a very good team, actually they play very effective floorball. We should wake up during the warm-up this time, not after two periods like in October.

Finally, good luck on Saturday and please tell us you win the second away-victory this season!?
Thanks a lot! For sure, we will win.
See you at Valentine´s day in The Madhouse!